Deep Healing Laughing Cherub CD (Sorry: CD no longer available)

 a Laughing Cherub Unlimited Self-hypnosis CD © 2008

Produced and Narrated by
Mary Elizabeth Raines

After hearing your requests, Laughing Cherub Hypnosis is happy to tell you about our recording for people like you  that offers relaxation and guided imagery to promote deep physical healing.

This recording was created for general physical healing and is suitable for people ready to heal from nearly any illness or issue, from cancer to AIDS to Lyme disease; from reduced pain to healthy recovery from surgery. While this CD/MP3 is not a substitute for appropriate medical treatment by a licensed physician, and we can make no promises as to your outcome, it is a wonderful adjunct and compliment to your healing program. Those who listen find that it is calming and relaxing, and it offers a gentle but powerful spiritual message to your subconscious, directing it to heal and repair any illness, sickness or condition in your physical body in the most perfect way that is both safe and comfortable.

The soothing voice of Mary Elizabeth Raines, a nationally recognized author and hypnosis instructor, takes you on this journey for deep healing. The words "God" and "angels" are used several times; however, there are no specific religious implications and this hypnosis recording is suitable for persons of any faith. You will also receive suggestions that you are always in control when listening to this MP3/CD, no matter how deeply relaxed you become, and you will only accept those suggestions that are positive and beneficial.

Woven into the background are healing pulsations and the sound of ocean waves especially formulated to provide you with a rich and profound experience.

  • Track Length - 22:33 minutes



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Friends: Our CDs are no longer available; watch for MP3 downloads, coming soon!


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