...are you smoking too much?...eating too much?...confused? ...want to improve your golf game?..explore your past lives?...relax?...feel happier?

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Mary Elizabeth Raines, CH, Director

Mary Elizabeth Raines, Director


  • Release outworn habits or behavior patterns?
  • Explore and access more of your inner self and your connection to the Universe?
  • Or are you simply interested in relaxing, in finding inner peace—in feeling GOOD?

IN OUR EYES, EVERYONE IS A CELEBRITY! ALL of our clients are equally special, regardless of income or position. Each person we help is treasured and receives the very best we have to offer. Still, at Laughing Cherub we are aware of the special needs for privacy of those who are very much in the public eye, and honor that.

Clients requiring privacy from the public are seen personally by Ms. Raines. (Please note: Ms. Raines is now located in Sedona, AZ, and only sees a limited number of clients.)

House calls, location or set visits can be arranged for complete comfort during the hypnotherapy session. Telephone sessions are also available for some hypnosis applications.

Please note: There is an additional $1,000 travel surcharge, in addition to regular appointment fees, for house and/or set calls within the Hollywood-Beverly Hills-Malibu area, or in other parts of the United States. Ms. Raines is currently not available for international travel.


 CALL: 928-282-2640

or EMAIL us: appointments@nomorespamlaughingcherub.com
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We will schedule your visit at the earliest opportunity.

Please note: Mary Elizabeth Raines no longer has clinical office hours in Southern California; she sees a limited number of clients in her Sedona, AZ office. She will continue, however, to provide house calls, set and location visits upon request; there is a $950 surcharge, in addition to the session fee, for travel and associated expenses. Accommodations can also be arranged for clients who choose to visit Sedona, AZ during this time.



To permit you to have the deepest and most effective hypnotherapy session possible, the following guidelines are suggested for your home or set visit:

  • As you will be experiencing profound relaxation, it is important to make sure that telephones, pagers, and other message devices are turned off.

  • Pets must be in another area. (We love 'em, but cats like to jump on laps when people are experiencing hypnosis, and dogs and birds tend to vie for attention!)

  • Please ask your staff to protect your session by making sure that you are completely uninterrupted.

  • The room needs to be free from strong scents, such as incense or room potpourris.

  • Video and/or recording devices are permitted, providing we receive a copy. Any viewing or playback of sessions for other than your own private review must have our written consent.

Mary Elizabeth Raines (Leach), internationally recognized hypnotherapist, author and speaker 


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