Mary Elizabeth Raines
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Mary Elizabeth Raines

You probably are aware of what a magnificent tool hypnosis is for things like stopping smoking, managing pain, past-life regression and self-empowerment. Did you know that hypnosis is also one of the best ways to access and deepen your intuition?

This is because an experienced, certified hypnotist has spent many hours learning techniques specifically to aid you in entering the deepest possible trance. It is at this very deep level that we are able to make our most profound journeys and receive the knowledge we are seeking.

A good hypnotist is professionally trained to guide you skillfully to your destination. I like to remind clients who have come to me to improve their intuition that we are embarking on their journey, not mine; my job is simply to read the map and hold up the lamp. The expert hypnotist will be a warm, non-leading witness to all that you encounter, whether your desire is to find answers to pressing questions, learn how to channel, or open to become more psychic.

While you may want to choose to work with a hypnotist for your deepest personal journeys, truth is always present and available within you. Right now, even while reading this article, you may enter a light trance and access your intuition! Take a moment to read and then follow each step below in order:

  • Determine ahead of time exactly what question you want answered. Why ahead of time? When we connect with the Source in which our truth rests, we often feel so loved and comforted that our pressing problems suddenly appear to be insignificant. In such a state we often feel that we don't have any problems at all-which is undoubtedly true-but upon our return to "earth," our issues once again seem overwhelming, and we wish we had asked the question when we had the chance.

  • Pre-select the sacred space in which you will most comfortably and easily receive your answers. Use your imagination now to provide this setting. You may choose anything that appeals to you. It could be a special room, a garden, a hall of knowledge, a forest, a space ship, a seashore or simply being in the presence of "the Light." Consider keeping your sacred space simple. Avoid using your precious moments in trance as an interior decorator, when the real objective is to access guidance.

  • Pre-select the loving form from which you will receive your answers. This could be a power animal, a spirit guide, an angel, the ocean, a book of knowledge, a video, a star, the Light, your own Highest Self or an inner knowing.

  • Now begin to relax. It is easy to enter light trance; you can do it as you read these instructions. Uncross your hands and legs... Let your jaw loosen... And now soften all the muscles around your eyes, eyebrows and cheeks... Appreciate and expand the distance between your earlobes and shoulders... Focus on your breathing.

  • Be willing to loosen any agenda you might have. Sense your emotional framework-especially any urgent "gotta haves," frustrations or distresses-as a blanket wrapped tightly around your body. Unwrap this blanket and let it go now...and notice how much more expanded and free this makes you feel.

  • After reading this paragraph, close your eyes and mentally travel to your chosen sacred space. Invite the form which will provide your answers to join you. You may actually see it, or simply know it is there by the sense of love you feel. Ask your question...and await your answer. Answers often come almost instantly. You may hear your answer, read it, or just have a knowing, like a light switch being turned on. If you do not receive an immediate answer, remain open and aware, for within a short time it will arrive, perhaps later in the day in the form of a coincidence or a dream.

Mary Elizabeth (Leach) Raines is an internationally recognized hypnotherapist, author and hypnosis instructor who lives Sedona, AZ. She is director of Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training and Laughing Cherub Unlimited, a faculty instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists' Summer Institute, and a columnist for "The Journal of Hypnotism." Her hypnosis articles have been published in a number of professional magazines and on

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