Mary Elizabeth Raines' plays and books are now available for sale on Amazon, including her new, critically acclaimed novel, Una.

A writer since 1975, Mary Elizabeth Raines' body of professional work includes plays, filmscripts, children's stories, PR, newspaper and magazine articles, including hypnosis articles, and a self-improvement CD/MP3 series. Her most recent completed work is the powerful, inspiring novel, Una, about a woman who struggles for survival in WWII Germany, and is transformed in the process. 

She has worked as a news correspondent and popular features writer for three newspapers. She has contributed chapters to three hypnosis books--"The Consumer's Guide to Hypnosis," "Everyday Miracles of Hypnosis," and "The Big Link," --and served for two years as Associate/Contributing Editor of The Link, a magazine serving the hypnosis and healing communities. She is a regular columnist for "The Journal of Hypnotism," and her hypnosisarticles have been featured in the UK's Hypnosis Journal, and on the Internet sites of OmPlace, International Hypnosis Federation and International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association.

The short film "Hazel" which she wrote, produced, directed and scored won three awards, including the Harris M. Lietchi Award for Excellence in Communication and 1st place in a competition sponsored by the Wisconsin Communications Council. Her stageplays range from low-brow comedy ("A Railroad Runs Through It, or: Tied to the Tracks Again!") to poignant and thought-provoking drama ("Comin' Round the Mountain"). Five of her stage plays have been successfully produced. Her scripts have been among the winners of both the Writer's Digest Competition (from among 14,000 overall entries) and the New Century Screenplay Awards. 

No stranger to the world of theater, Raines is also an accomplished actor, director and pianist who has taught both drama and music. She has performed on many dozens of stages across the country since the age of five, ranging from Harvard University's Loeb Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts to the set of TV's West Wing.

Raines' books include "The Laughing Cherub Book of Past-life Regression: a Handbook for Real People."

Serious inquiries about Ms. Raines' stage plays, filmscripts and books are welcome--professionals only, please.




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