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Mary Elizabeth Raines, weight loss expert, certified hypnotist and hypnotherapy instructor


Many people, like me, have struggled with weight-loss issues all of their lives. I KNOW hypnosis works, because it's worked for me.

Being intimately familiar with weight-loss issues, you can bet that I've learned and teach the absolutely best techniques. Below you will find some invaluable tips for allowing hypnosis to work effectively for a slimmer, trimmer YOU!

P.S. Weight-loss hypnosis for some individuals can now be done over the telephone, saving you time and money. Please see our web pages about telephone hypnosis.



Perhaps you've read the reports of how hypnosis has helped overweight people reduce. Maybe you know someone who has lost weight and become slender as the result of hypnosis. Naturally, you wonder if hypnosis may be the solution for you.

The good news is that hypnosis works excellently for weight reduction. At Laughing Cherub Unlimited andMidwest Professional Hypnosis Associates, we make the process easy, delightful and safe. The old pangs of deprivation that used to accompany dieting are nonexistent. The gains? Being in control, looking good and feeling fantastic!

Nearly everyone can be hypnotized. (Please read Hypnosis Q&A for details about this and other hypnosis questions.)

Here is what one client writes:

"I've had a weight problem all my life. I've tried every diet that's out there. Last year my daughter found Mary Elizabeth Raines on the internet. That was the best thing that ever happened. Through hypnosis with Mary Elizabeth, it helped me in my eating habits. Since then I've been losing weight, and I still am. I've also been on three different anti-depressants the last ten years. Mary Elizabeth Raines helped me with depression much more than the medication did. I feel like I got my life back again! I'm a much more positive person now." Audrey Zimmer, Marshfield, WI

  • (To read more testimonials from our private clients, click here.)



This is a good question. Hypnosis itself is very safe, with no negative side-effects. The danger in hypnosis for weight loss is that someone suffering from anorexia or other hidden issues might use sessions in a way that could potentially be damaging to their health.

At Laughing Cherub Unlimited, our clients' health and safety comes first. We work in cooperation with medical doctors, therapists and traditional weight-loss programs.

Both in private sessions and on our Laughing Cherub CD, we suggest that our clients will lose weight in a manner and speed that is healthiest for them, and that the final size they achieve will be one that is both attractive and healthy.



Hypnosis is incredibly powerful, but it is not a magical cure-all. Nothing is!

For your hypnosis session to have long-lasting results in helping you achieve and maintain the size that looks best and is healthiest for you, you will need to do the following:

  • Select your hypnotist with care!
    Having rapport with your hypnotist is essential. Regardless of her reputation or skill, she must be someone you feel comfortable with.

    One does not need to be a psychotherapist or counselor to be an effective and expert hypnotist. In fact, many "civilian" hypnotists are better trained in hypnosis than psychology graduates. The two fields are related, but each requires different education and skills.

    Check to see how many hours of training your hypnotherapist has received (it should be a minimum of 100 hours), and whether she is certified by any professional hypnosis organizations.

    Note: There are many wonderful hypnosis associations who support and educate their members. Be wary of anyone claiming that their group is the only true official or reputable hypnosis organization.

  • Ascertain that you are going to receive personal one-on-one treatment with every session, and not simply listen to a pre-recorded tape.
    Tapes are great. We even sell a super weight-reduction CD! (Click here to find out how to purchase.)

    If you are paying for a private session with a hypnotherapist, however, that is precisely what you should receive.
    Your particular eating habits, history, moods and even how you are feeling on the day you come in for your appointment all contribute to how your hypnotist structures the individual weight-loss session you have paid for.
    Your hypnotist should also pay minute, careful, personal attention to your responses during your session. A pre-recorded tape, while excellent for home use, cannot address all of these variables and should not be used in a professional office advertising private sessions.

  • Agree to arrive with an open mind and a willing attitude!
    What kind of clients do hypnotists dread the most? Answer: the aloof individual with a show-me attitude who sits with arms and legs crossed tightly and critically analyzes everything that is happening.

    Why so? Well, someone who doesn't want to be hypnotized or who hosts a cold, critical or skeptical attitude is in fact very difficult to hypnotize.
    Yourenthusiastic willingnessto cooperate with your hypnotist plays a huge role in the success of your session. Agree to go along wholeheartedly, consent to follow all the beneficial instructions you will receive, and you will assuredly have a marvelous session!

  • Turn on the "YES" factor
    When your hypnotist offers you powerful suggestions for losing weight and becoming slimmer, get excited and inwardly agree!
    Suppose, for instance, your hypnotherapist says something like, "You enjoy your new habits of moderation!" If you inwardly argue or hold back, the suggestion won't land on fertile ground, and chances are it will be ineffective. Your positive attitude and assent are extremely important to your ultimate success.

  • Commit to as Many Hypnosis Sessions as It Will Take
    Ours is a quick-fix and impatient society. Reducing weight and maintaining your new, slimmer body will not be an overnight process. It takes time!
    Although I have had clients who lost weight easily after only one hypnosis session, most of us require more than an hour or two to reverse a lifetime of poor eating habits.
    Hypnotic suggestions wear off after a certain period of time unless they are reinforced. In some areas where hypnosis is highly effective, such as smoking, a person simply stops, and that in itself is all the reinforcement necessary.
    But hypnosis for weight reduction is different. Individuals must continue to eat on a daily basis, and old habits have a way of creeping back in.

    The average weight reduction client finds that the hypnotic suggestions she or he receives remain powerful for about week or two, and then taper off.

    For SUCCESS,--and that's the goal, isn't it?!--plan on starting with a minimum of six hypnosis sessions, each about a week apart. After that, shorter follow-up sessions should be scheduled about every two weeks until your goal weight is achieved andsuccessfully maintained. Your new figure will be worthy every penny!

    There is an article on this website about Sergei Rachmaninoff, and how, in the early 1900s, hypnosis helped him overcome depression and become a great composer. Rachmaninoff saw his hypnotist daily for four months. That is really a very small portion of time, considering the permanent and glorious results!

    Hypnosis works. With repetition and frequent reinforcement, it becomes amazing!

  • Make a Long-range Commitment!
    Sometimes I meet people who are overweight. They say to me, "Well, I tried hypnosis, and it worked for a while, but then it stopped working."

    In every case, the person had a relapse that occurred after completing their hypnosis (which was often just one session). While they moaned and groaned about relapsing, they failed to call their hypnotist to schedule another appointment! It was not the hypnosis, but the client, that didn't work.

    Hypnotic suggestions will, over time, become permanent. Meanwhile, in the event that a relapse occurs, the solution is really quite simple: call your hypnotist and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.



We highly recommend that, like many others, you consider enjoying success with the convenience TELEPHONE HYPNOSIS, for any area of mainland USA!

Los Angeles and Arizona areas

  • We have relocated to Sedona, Arizona. Thus, with the exception of house and set calls (only for known celebrities or those referred to us by previous clients), we are seeing only a minimum of clients in Southern California. If you wish a private appointment with Ms. Raines but cannot cover the transportation costs involved in a home/set visit, please consider telephone hypnosis, a viable and increasingly popular option.

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