Phone Hypnosis

is now offering safe and effective phone hypnosis session
with Mary Elizabeth Raines

Internationally renowned hypnotherapist and author

Mary Elizabeth Raines is an acclaimed expert in the field of hypnotherapy, and has taught professional hypnotists from all over the world how to offer phone hypnosis for people like you with integrity, safety, and effectiveness.

What it is: Hypnosis for people like you who sincerely desire the positive benefits of hypnosis and want to work with a hypnotist of international standing. It is just like a person-to-person session, except it takes place over the telephone, and the cost is greatly reduced.

What it isn’t: Since our telephone hypnosis sessions offer the highest quality of therapeutic, professional hypnotherapy…
It is not entertainment.
It is not X-rated, or even PG-13 rated. Any such calls are immediately terminated. Ours is an ethical business and we maintain high moral standards.
• It is not a substitute for appropriate medical and psychological care by a licensed professional.
• Although there will be a preliminary interview to learn about you and the issues you want to work on, and to help you feel comfortable with hypnosis, telephone hypnosis sessions are not “talk” therapy, where you spend the majority of your time chatting with a therapist about your problems. You will instead spend the majority of your time in that deeply relaxed, safe and healing state we call hypnosis.

Who will my hypnotist be? Mary Elizabeth Raines will be your hypnotist unless we have made arrangements with another of our associates.

How much does it cost? The fee is surprisingly affordable: $175 for each hypnosis session. (Past-life regressions are $200) You will also be responsible for the cost of your telephone call, depending upon your carrier. We do not add any extra calling charge.

The advantages: You will save on commuting time, parking expenses and gasoline. You don’t even have to dress up! Since the hypnosis occurs in the privacy of your own home, you can be as casual and comfortable as you wish.

The disadvantages: There is no face-to-face contact. The hypnotist is not able to make certain determinations that would normally be made by observing your body language, breathing patterns, expression and other visual indicators. Because of this, you will be required to remain in verbal contact with Ms. Raines throughout your session. This is easily done and will not interfere with the depth of your hypnotic state.
If one had an agenda of resisting or of “fooling” the hypnotist and decided for some reason to fake being hypnotized, such an action might be possible during a phone hypnosis session, where it would be more unlikely to happen in person. There would be no purpose or reward in paying for a session just to do this, however.

What kinds of issues are best to address with phone hypnosis? Smoking cessation, weight reduction and management, confidence, music performance, feeling attractive, sports improvement, deep relaxation, stress reduction, creativity, acting on stage or in film, auditioning, memory, study skills, public speaking, and much more.
Certain kinds of pain management and physical illnesses may also be addressed by using hypnosis over the telephone; however, we only work on serious medical issues in conjunction with a licensed physician.

What kinds of issues are not suited for phone hypnosis? Psychoses and other serious emotional disturbances; sexual compulsions; regression to cause; depression; deep emotional healing; alcoholism; drug addiction; other situations requiring more intense therapy.

How many sessions will I need? Often a person can find relief after one session. For more permanent results with issues like smoking or pain management, many people require multiple sessions.

Will you hypnotize my teenager or my child over the telephone? No. We only work with adults who are 18 or older on the telephone, but we will be happy to schedule a person-to-person visit with your child whenever possible.

Where do I have to live? You may live anywhere in the USA where PayPal is accepted, or where you have an Amazon account!

Do I need to be a celebrity? No! Mary Elizabeth Raines is happy to help people from all walks of life who are serious about making positive changes. Phone hypnosis is surprisingly affordable, and all sessions are 100% confidential.

What steps are entailed in scheduling a telephone hypnosis session?
1. Call 928-203-6770 to discover whether or not this will be a suitable avenue for you. Please leave a message and we will call back as soon as possible. We will be frank with you, and we are not manipulative or hard-sell. We are in this profession to help, and are only interested in working with people who believe this will be of value to them.

2. When you choose to schedule your initial session, you will either schedule the time over the telephone (preferred) or we will email you with several possible time slots for your session. You will then email us back with your choice of appointment times, and we will confirm via email. Please allow approximately 1-1/2 hours for your first session, and approximately one hour for subsequent sessions. The time is somewhat variable, depending upon our interview and the issue on which you choose to work. It is important that you do not schedule any activity immediately after your hypnosis appointment. 

3. You will be asked to fill out an online form or an e-mailed form, providing details such as your name and address. All information is private and confidential, and will not be given to anyone or used for any solicitation without your consent. 

4. We will send you an email with details. Secure payments are made through PayPal. A second option, if it is easier, is to purchase an Amazon gift card for Ms. Raines in the amount of the session.

5. You will be asked to read the information our phone hypnosis web page before your appointment.

Thank you for your interest in this effective, safe, and proven form of hypnosis!